The Zhuzh Difference

ZHUZH! (zhoozh "oo" as in "good") verb: to make something more interesting or attractive

A cookie is not just a cookie. Not our cookies anyway. When we set out to make a gluten-free, vegan, allergy-friendly cookie, we knew we'd have to give it some zhuzh. We'd have to build a better cookie. Make it delicious. Make it more nutritious. "Superpower" it! 

How? We started with the flour blend. Sprouted beans, seeds, and grains. No rice, potato, simple starches, or gums. Our base is plant-based protein and to that, we add probiotics so more of the protein is available and your belly is happier.

Read our label and see for yourself. We are proud of our ingredients and our flavors and hope you'll agree. Everybody deserves a delicious and satisfying indulgence and that's where zhuzh begins.