Our Cookies


What have we got for you? Well - cookies of course. But not just any cookies. We've got some zhuzhed up cookies. 

We started with CHOCOLATE CHIP because let's face it, chocolate chip is America's favorite cookie and no collection is complete without it! How do we zhuzh ours? Well, the Superpower of this cookie is the chocolate. Fair Trade, soy free, vegan dark chocolate that we chop ourselves so no two "chips" are alike!

If chocolate is not enough, we've got the DOUBLE CHOCOLATE. As if our zhuzhed up chocolate chip wasn't enough, we Superpowered the chocolate by doubling it. We made the whole thing chocolate for when one type just isn't enough.

In the fabled tradition of zhuzhing, we created our GINGERFUL. We call it "ginger-ful" because its Superpower is in the spice. You've got your ginger and then we add more ginger and a little texture for those of us who like a little chunk in our cookie.

We didn't stop zhuzhing there. We wanted a "breakfast cookie" with a twist, so we present our OATMEAL CRANBERRY - our take on an oatmeal cookie Superpowered with cranberries and, like all our cookies added probiotics.