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    superpower flour

    Never too old, never too bad, never too late, never too sick to start from scratch once again.

    Bikram Choudhury


    Truth is that we are there. Starting over. Or at least continuing differently. Some of you might have known us or met us in our previous incarnation, and if so, welcome to the NEW us...Some of you might not have made our acquaintance before, and to those of you, we say, nice to meet you. Hope you'll join us on this journey.

    A little context please? Yes. Happy to. So, we used to call ourselves Miche's Kitchen. And then we took a good hard look at ourselves and what defines us and we realized the thing that makes us tick is making it special. Bringing it up a notch. Going all in and then going a little bit more...

    We start with SUPERPOWER Flour for goodness sake! A flour blend that has a bunch of plant-based protein, a flour blend that has no rice, potato, or tapioca, no gums, no soy, just pure plant goodness. But, we didn't stop there, we made sure everything was even more superpowered by using only sprouted and organic. And, like every good game show, we have a door number 3...we've added probiotics! Yup.

    And here's our real deal. We meet people (kids especially) all the time, who have food allergies or special diets. People who have to meticulously read labels and often end up eating not much more than glorified wallpaper paste. That's not what we're about. We are about sharing. We are about making things that folks with allergies and sensitivities can eat, but their friends and family who don't have restrictions want to eat. Can everyone indulge? Nope, but we're in the kitchen all the time trying new ideas and recipes and are open to hearing suggestions about what you want us to work on.

    While we're talking, let's talk about flavor. Flavor really is king (or queen!). We are starting with four. Double Chocolate for when chocolate just isn't enough. Oatmeal Cranberry because we love the oatmeal, but not so much with the raisin. Gingerful because, well, ginger, ginger, more ginger baby! And - Chocolate Chip because let's face it, America's favorite cookie needed our zhuzh.

    This starts to explain how we got to Zhuzh. We use the word all the time - "hand me the zhuzher", "zhuzh it around", "give it a little zhuzhing"... It just rolls off our tongues and so, when starting new, when in this time of transition, we turned to something familiar. Something comfortable to help us in the new time. Zhuzh means to make something more attractive or interesting and here we are zhuzhing into the future. 

    How do you zhuzh?

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