• The Humble Oat

    The Humble Oat

    "This bread I break was once the oat..." Dylan Thomas

    People ask all the time what is in our flour blend and what makes it "superpower". (It's on the label, but we don't mind telling people because we are so proud of our blend.) So we thought we would do a series of posts featuring the ingredients we use so you can get to understand them better. 

    Let's start with oats. The oats we use are always organic, always gluten-free, and always sprouted. (We'll get to why sprouted a little later). We put enough oats in our flour that each cookie meets the standards set by the Whole Grains Council for achieving a full day's worth of whole grains (and this without the gluten!!!). 

    So, oats are good food. Super high in antioxidants and fiber. They provide protein, zinc, and magnesium. Overall oats are good for your digestive health, your skin, your, muscles, and your heart. But let's look at some of the specifics:

    Antioxidants. We say it all the time, antioxidants can help turn back the clock, but oats have avenanthramides  (found almost exclusively in oats) which are particularly important for their healing properties externally on the skin, but also internally as an anti-inflammatory in the arteries making oats a perfect pairing for heart health.

    Fiber. We all know how important that is, and how cranky we can get if we don’t have enough of it. (wink wink) Well, oats have a lot of soluble fiber including the most crucial beta-glucan. We’re talking appetite suppression and increased satiety. We’re talking cholesterol lowering. We’re talking a reduction of blood sugar. All good things! Lest we forget insoluble fiber because oats have plenty of that as well and that’s the stuff that helps us “go.”


    Fat & Protein. It’s true; oats have protein, so all you vegans can tout that. They also have unsaturated fatty acids that reduce bad cholesterol, so we like that.


    What else??? There are zinc and manganese and copper and iron.  There are selenium and thiamin, and magnesium and phosphorous. What does that mean? Well, in short, it means your muscles are soothed, your metabolism is stimulated, your immune system is boosted, your bones are strengthened. It also means your nervous system is calmed, your blood pressure and blood sugar regulated, and your memory and energy enhanced.


    There’s more. We’ve only scratched the surface of the benefits of oats. But we know enough about them to be proponents. Oh yeah, and they make our cookies softer!

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