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    In my world seasons dictate my favorite foods. They are always my favorites of the moment! So fickle! But this season, bouncy, juicy, flavorful sunshiny peach season - oh yeah! And what could be better in the waning days of summer than capturing the moment? (In a cookie ;) )

    Easy and quick and exceptionally tasty grilled fresh ripe peaches with a cookie crust. Even though a perfect peach needs no zhuzhing, a peach and gingerful cookie combo is heaven. (The only thing better - take a little extra time and make a vegan chamomile caramel sauce and some coconut whipped cream and yeah - DONE!)

    What do you need? A peach and a cookie or two or three if you have friends to share with...

    Gilled Peaches with Ginger Cookie Crust

    serves 4

    2 peaches, pitted and sliced

    a couple of pinches of sea salt (in a small bowl)

    4 Zhuzh! gingerful cookies

    Heat your grill until it is very hot. If you have grill pan or a grilling basket that the peaches won't fall through, you'll want to use it. I do not "pre-spray" my grill, but you may want to.

    Spread the sliced peaches on the grill and sprinkle with sea salt. Let the peaches cook for about 90 seconds and flip them so they get grill marks on both sides.



    Lay out the cookies on your serving tray and top with the peaches. Serve. (So easy, so yum!!!!)



    1. vegan caramel & coconut cream

    2. crumble over "nice cream"

    3. add chiffonade basil over top

    4. drizzle with balsamic vinegar glaze


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